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Hoangphatmed - Your Partner In The Health Care Industry


Hoangphatmed is a private company to supply qualified medical equipment to Vietnamese hospitals.  Hoangphatmed is sales companies in cardiology, radiology, physiotherapy.


Hoangphatmed provided Vietnamese healthcare with high quality and competitive products. We systematically monitor developments in the world market and represent manufacturers that are leading, or have the chance to become, in their respective areas. We consistently choose to work with research and development companies that apply strict quality requirements in their production.


Responsibility is key to our business. Our aim is to build long-term and trustworthy relationships with customers and suppliers. By developing employees and the company itself, for in every situation to take active responsibility for the products we sell, we can offer a unique service and create a trustworthy customer relationship.


Our products are technically advanced and require special competence in terms of training, service, and support. we currently have employees with solid specialist knowledge and problem-solving skills. You are served by product specialists and well-trained technicians with long experience in medical applications.

The board of directors has a very good relationship with the experts, the hospital for cardiovascular intervention and radiology intervention. Because they used to have long time dedication, work for distributors of Boston Scientific, Stryker, AGA, before the establishment of the company


Hoangphatmed's commitment and interest in collaborating with clinics and researchers, thus contributing to the development of products and applications, is now also a natural and important part of Hoangphatmed's working methods.


As a result of a positive development of the Hoangphatmed, we have had the opportunity to build a strong financial platform that guarantees stability and credibility in the market. This ensures that we can stand behind the commitments we apply to deliveries, spare parts supply, service, and support.


Le Van Dat - Managing Director



Corporate Values

Entrepreneurial Thinking


Together we are the company.
The goal-oriented, innovative and proactive approach is the driving force behind Hoangphatmed’s success.




Everybody cooperates closely with everyone else.
We support each other, treat one another with respect, and share responsibility for our tasks, successes as well as failures.


Best Service


We break a leg for our customers.
Everything we do, we do for our customers. Client satisfaction is key to our success.


Open to Critique


Criticism induces reflection, not anger or defensiveness.
We are open to the opinions and criticism of others, talking to each other and not about each other.




Everybody treats each other the way they want themselves treated.
We hold each other in high regard, mutual recognition, and team spirit.

Bui Hung Dung - Sales Director

Bac Ninh,Vietnam

Throughout working time at Hoangphatmed, I am delighted to experience and to grow in such a great working environment. To me, this is where everyone is able to expose yourself as well as to bring your best to all the opportunities. What I love about is the way Hoangphatmed putting efforts in human resource development, giving the best way possible in growing its team members, treating staff equally, as a result, the employee can devote himself for the company’s common goal and vision.

Vu Kieu Van - Finance Manager

Nam Dinh,Vietnam

Personally speaking, I appreciate Hoangphatmed Board of Directors which comprise a team of high capability and friendly manner to drive the business and achieve the goals effectively. The management has given us a clear vision and provided us a good human resource practice by bringing various career development opportunities to our team members. Hoangphatmed is where I find inspiration and motivation to work and dedicate my best for a sustainable growth of the company, a place as my second family.

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