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At our service department, service engineers responsible for the technical service to our customers. They are trained continuously to always be updated. In addition to our Vietnamese and English resources, additional support is available from our manufacturers.


An important part of our business is to conduct an active customer dialogue. We are never further away than the nearest phone. Application support and support are ongoing from all our departments. During the warranty period, We provide unconditional replacement products, without affecting the work of our customers. After delivery of new equipment, we provide medical staff with certain operations, which help our customers to use the equipment in the best possible way.




For to always guarantee the best performance and availability of a product, technical service and preventive maintenance are required. Our engineers are specially trained with our suppliers and are continuously trained on new products and new technologies. The customer may choose to sign full-service agreements, purchase services as needed or solutions in between. We can provide services tailored to individual needs.


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Business code:0108151491

Bank account:0021000429068, at Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam

Headquarters:5 Nghiem Xuan Yem Str, Hoang Mai Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

Warehouse: 06 Thuong Phuc str, Ta Thanh Oai ward, Thanh Tri dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel :(84.024) 66597876 /+8 4987.812.248

Fax:(84.024) 66597875

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