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NuMED Inc. and NuMED Canada Inc., manufacturers of Angioplasty and Valvuloplasty catheters, have a long-standing commitment to meeting our customer’s expectations by providing a high-quality product. At NuMED, we see quality improvement as a continual process, aimed at satisfying these expectations and requirements at every stage.

Numed inc

Product range: 

 - Balloon Catheters (Ptv):

  • Z-MeD™ line  

  • tyshaK line  

  • nuCleus™ line  

  • Coefficient™  

  • Mullins-X™  

  • BonhoefferMulti-traCK™ Mitral Kit

 - atriosePtostoMy Balloon Catheter:Z-5™

 -SiZing Balloon Catheter: Pts ®/ Pts-X™

 -DiagnostiC Catheter:Multi-traCK™  12 

 -stent PlaCeMent: 

  • BIB​

  • CP stent™ Bare / CovereD  14

  • MounteD CP stent™ Bare / CovereD

 -Dialysis Catheter:Ds™ / DsC™  20
 -DaCryoCystoPlasty Catheter:tearDuCt™

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