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Correct knowledge, comprehensive service, and support.


We at Hoangphatmed are a little unique in the Vietnamese market. We have our own service in office. We have our own specialist expertise in all our product areas, and it gives us greater opportunities to offer a fast, cost-effective, tailor-made service and support to our customers. In addition, we continuously offer education and training in operation and methodology.


Our service engineers and product specialists are constantly up to date with news and developments in their respective areas and gladly share their knowledge.


Active support

Advanced medical equipment must work and as a customer with us, you will receive support up to 24 hours a day. We can also provide specialist support in place in the operating room when needed.


Tailored service

How do your needs and wishes look like? What degree of availability requires your business? You decide how the service will be designed. Preventive service, guaranteed availability, full-service agreement with all included, including consumables. We offer different levels of service and support agreements for our customers. 



Our customers are offered education and training in engineering, handling, and methodology. In connection with the delivery and installation of equipment, both users and medical technicians are trained. For you, the user takes the training at your location, while medical technicians are offered service training in our premises or at our suppliers.


We also arrange symposia, information meetings and lectures on new medical technology in the field of healthcare.


Sales & Marketing

We will work closely with our partners to execute their plans and strategic directions. Our marketing department has the expertise to ensure professional marketing directions and execution if so needed by our partners. We have multi-line sales teams that will promote all principal's products countrywide. In addition, dedicated sales teams (principal specific sales teams) are employed as required by the principal.




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