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Our Mission


We contribute to improved quality of life and increased survival in cooperation with the healthcare sector in Vietnam through our competent and committed employees as well as our suppliers of high-quality innovative products


We meet our customers' expectations regarding support, training and technical services in our area - distribution of advanced medical devices.


Our Vision


HoangPhatMed will be the leading distributor of products, services, technical services and innovations that contribute to a better, safer and more effective healthcare in Vietnam.


We will be at the forefront of technology and innovation, and be respected in our industry and be well-known under our own brand.


We strive to be the most attractive employer in our industry to attract and retain leading specialists.


Business Concept


HoangPhatMed shall be a leading Vietnam distributor of technically demanding or unique equipment and disposable articles intended for the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of patients in hospitals and services associated with these products.


The products that HoangPhatmed markets should be characterized by the need for special competence with regard to training, follow-up, and service. We will have short response times on inquiries as well as high delivery reliability. HoangPhatmed, on its own or with suppliers, customers or research institutions, will participate in education, clinical trials or R & D activities to contribute to safer, better and more cost-effective patient treatment.


HoangPhatmeds suppliers should be - or have the opportunity to become - one of the foremost in their areas.

HoangPhatmed, through high ethical standards and employee competence, will integrate total quality in deliveries and thereby establish close and trustworthy cooperation with customers.


HoangPhatmed will focus the customer and treat its employees in a way that shows that they are the company's most important resource.

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